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Originally the Royston mining district was controlled by Lee F. Hand. The Royston is a mining district in Nevada outside of Tonapah that originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue.

The Otteson story began with Lynn Otteson and family. In 1944 Lynn Otteson and family came to Nevada to mine Turquoise. He leased a Royston claim from Lee Hand, at that time there were a couple other claims being leased by other miners. The Royston District covers several miles of mt. range which includes numerous claims, at that time Lee controlled approx. 30 claims in this district. The Otteson family has owned or leased claims in this district off and on for the past 60 years, with friends and family as partners. The Ottesons have mined and owned numerous claims in Nevada and Colorado. We believe the Royston District near Tonopah, NV has produced some of the highest quality turquoise in the world. While mining Grant Huntly in the 70's Royston Turquoise was being sold to Tiffany's of New York. Lynn believes that the Royston District is one of the best Turquoise mining areas in the world.

Lynn Otteson at the Royston Turquoise mine

Royston Turquoise mine - Dean and Danny with the Track Drill

Dean with the old Excavator at the Royston Mine Royston is known for its beautiful colors ranging from deep green to rich, light blues set off by a heavy brown matrix or a golden brown matrix. It is also known for the rare blue to green fade that can be found in one rock or cabochon. The Royston district is still producing turquoise of high quality. The Turquoise that is being mined by Dean and Danny Otteson and featured on this site is coming from the Royal Royston claim, and is the only active claim Royston claim at this time.

Royston Mining Tours

Learn more about the Sky Stone. As one of the most popular and belowed gemstones in the world there is a lot of history, facts and lore associated with this gemstone. You can find Turquoise Information in many places including books, the internet, galleries, and old miners. A lot of this information is passed on via word of mouth. Therefor, you must be careful what you believe and match up Turquoise Information from many sources and authorities. If you are short on time take a look at the wonderful collection of information that Dillon and John Hartman have accumulated on The Hartman's information has been accumulated from many reliable sources and checked with several sources before publishing.

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